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Perfect Pancakes


175g self-raising flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

40g caster sugar

1 free-range egg

200ml milk

Zest of 1 small orange (optional)


1. Grease a griddle, or non-stick frying pan, with a little oil and heat to medium to high heat. Do not use butter as it will smoke.

2. Mix the flour, baking powder and caster sugar, with a fork, in a large jug.

3. Add in the orange zest, if using, and stir.

4. Mix in the milk and stir until there are no more lumps.

5. Mix the egg in really well.

6. Carefully pour the pancake mixture onto the pan and allow to spread out.

7. You will notice bubbles appearing over the surface of the pancakes. They are ready to flip over with a palette knife.

8. Serve warm with fresh fruit, maple syrup, lemon juice, sugar or whatever you fancy!

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