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Deconstructed Banoffee

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Yesterday at Kids’ Kitchen, the children tackled a banoffee pie recipe with ease. This is one of the simplest, but taste-bud pleasing desserts that even a beginner can attempt and achieve show-stopping results without much effort.

If you’ve never had banoffee pie before, it is essentially a delectable meld between banana and toffee (or caramel) with lashings of whipped cream - a match made in heaven! If you’ve never made one before there are only really two elements that could trip you up and they are; a) the biscuit base and b) whipping the cream. But really, nothing to put you off making it - it really is as easy as pie! My next post will cover the ingredients and method for the traditional banoffee pie, but if you want a dessert that tastes as good with even less effort then read on...

Deconstruction of traditional recipes (think chicken pie as seen on ‘Masterchef - the Professionals’ or the deconstructed avocado toast that hit the headlines recently) is very much on trend at the minute. However, I made this recipe for Easter Sunday dessert, not to be on trend, but rather to save a little time so I could slip outside and spend time with the kids in the sun. I live in NI so we gotta grab the rays when we can!!

So I started off by crushing 4 digestive biscuits in a freezer bag with a rolling pin, and divided it into 4 sundae glasses. This was topped with a generous spoonful of Nestlé caramel (much handier than boiling a tin of condensed milk) and my 3 yr-old, who chopped 3 bananas, enjoyed sprinkling these on top. Dulce léche could be substituted for caramel if you want to be really fancy. We topped them off with a large dollop of whipped cream, a drizzling of Askey's toffee sauce and crushed some Malteasers to adorn the top. Seriously, it was as simple as that! No faffing about with this one, done in under 10 minutes and a toddler could do most of it by herself. What’s not to love?? We chilled them in the fridge until ready to be devoured and enjoyed in the afternoon sunshine.

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